Made a map and won't work!!!

Sigh…I feel so stupid.
Spent around 12 hours (not straight though) making the first map I am proud of, complete with custom textures ported directly from WaW and it won’t work in game.
It compiles, but the compile txt doesn’t make sense. I used Alt+P and fixed all the node problems, but it still won’t work.
I uploaded the vmf to gamefront-so could someone help please? (If I release the map I will cred you)

BTW, it’s not a finished product, don’t judge my texture application because in the final version it will have a lot more stuff- palm trees (which I need a model of) and other stuff.
Anyway, here it is:

Hope the upload worked…



Forgot to add textures- here they are:
Put the folder in steam/steamapps/username/half life 2 episode 2/hl2/materials

sry to say,but you made a mess off youre brush work. you got brushes going trough other brushes,displacements going trough the bottom off youre skybox, and so on.
its better to post youre compile logs here because they tell you whats wrong with it or better first use this page for checking youre logs
because you got leaks all over the place


Add me to steam friends and ill go through your problems:


As a hint though, you need solid brushes around the entire map with the skybox textures on, and why the hell are you using dx7 water. Also, only the top surface should be water, the sides and underside should be nodraw.