MAde a quick model.

So I made a new model for my map.
It uses 100 Polygons
2 Meshes, Bump maps, and specular maps.

So do you think it’s ok for a big detailed map as solar panel?

Looks like some boxes and cylinders. I really like the textures, though.

It looks like a map brush.

Well if so
then I guess that’s the way they are in real life in deserts :stuck_out_tongue:

A stick with panel and nothing more. Ok + a wire.

Is this one of your first models?

no :stuck_out_tongue:
I just don’t make any complicated models. I make models only if I need it in my map.
But you still didn’t reply for that I gave you a pictures with real place and basically same solar panels. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is supposed to be a support structure on the back of the panel. check the 1st reference pic you posted.

I see.
Well at least good they will be for my map only :smiley:

The cylinder needs to be thinner and yes, I don’t suppose the cylinder is just molded into the panel, there should be a support structure.

its good texture work but i think you should take the grunge off the actual panel, and the wood pole is actually metal by the looks of the other image you posted. the grunge and dirt on the panel is a bad idea because it would only serve to block out light. i’m pretty sure on the solar “farms” they try and keep the panels clean so they can generate as much energy as possible.

The pole is metal. It’s just badly rusted. Really badly rusted.