Made a s&box menu ui (i can give devs the ui templates to use it )

They already have a fully functional UI.


The one you present looks a little too much like Garry’s Mod but it’s cool. Even though Garry’s said you couldn’t customize the main menu, I hope they implement a feature to change the template or something.

Does it have a server browser tho?

It’s a gamemode which reproduces a server browser like Source 1 games.

I’m sorry, but this look ways worse than the current UI we have. Facepunch have made a great UI for S&box already… Your UI is just a copy paste of the Garry’s Mod UI, nothing special…


lol i didn’t know about s&box ui looks like the same ui i did

u see that multiplayer in the menu its the server browser xD

its not a real ui its only a showcase don’t worry i appreciate about what facepunch did