made a screenshot for facepunch

check it out here

The posing is ok, but you should never use flatgrass or construct while posing (except if needed).
Also, the can is fucking huge.

The combine is fucking huge.

Do NOT use the main areas of gm_construct and gm_flatgrass for screenshots. EVER.

.I love you :] I am a new on this forum, and I see your name everywhere, and I fucking LOVE your attitude! You seem so cool about everything :]

Hakita is a boss man

I am? Cool.
I get to fire people.

Firing people makes you cool. True that!

ok i know not to use flatgrass/ construct in my screenshots. i used massive models in that one the can is a bit over-sized though

I believe that we all have made funny poses on Flatgrass and Construct, as being first introduced to Garry’s Mod.

But it is okay, you will learn that the more intracate the map, sometimes it is better for screen shots. Also, try using the “DOF” or DEPTH OF FIELD enhancer in Garry’s Mod. It gives everything a WHOLE new perspective on Garry’s Mod. I personally love using this in screenshots and tiny Machinima’s alike.

It is okay though, also, put the URL or IMG coding here, and not on le website por favor.

Sorry i don’t know how to put a image on facepunch.

Hah, well he’s negative with my stuff also. A lot of the comments he makes are negative, in fact, a lot of people on here are and they aren’t even aware they’re doing it. Real easy to talk shit on forums. But regarding the topic, your screenshots aren’t half bad. + a lot of the popular backgrounds on are in some of the basic maps anyway. They’re the ones people are the most familiar with. With the right lighting, poses, models, and graphical effects you can make any shot look good.

Eh, I like Forums BECAUSE people are rude and dick heads, and I think it is fun. Because they are dick heads in the right way ;]
This one is pretty clever.

It’s not fun to work hard on something then get shit talked by some guy who loves to talk shit to people because they know they can get away with it. It’s not productive, and I’ve seen some great model developers leave Facepunch due to the unconstructive criticism and negativity of the overall community. Not to say I haven’t said stuff but people need to think before they type.

The forum is called Facepunch. Its a fucking punch to the face.
What did you expect?


A fruity drink.


Anyway, that aside:

  • This doesn’t belong in the .org section because it’s not on the .org. Try Garry’s Mod Discussion (because the Screenshots section will just flame you without giving criticism)
  • The posing isn’t exactly five-star, but then again it’s a simple pose and therefore can’t be five-star to begin with. Plus, that can is fucking HUGE, even for the combine, so the way his right hand is works out. Maybe that was your intention anyway? Who knows.
  • As stated, NEVER use Flatgrass. This is forgiven this time because it’s a common noob mistake and you seem to be a common noob.

All in all, not bad considering your current skill level at this.