Made a stadium :)

just want to post few pictures of stadium me and my friend made today.Looking to create better light inside…

Server is creative and moded a lot.

What do u think :slight_smile:

Awesome :slight_smile:

Pretty sweet, man.

Make and oval one now.

That would be interesting to try i think that can be done.

Thats a really nice stadium, there is however one thing I just want to do here:

Open console, type “weather.fog 0” and then do screenshots :slight_smile: (or ask an admin on the server to do that if you cant do it, before taking pictures).

Ok, i changed pictures now, made them without fog (yes in console) but as u can see there is still a little.I think damn thing is so massive and it collect fog inside somehow (47x34 foundations) :slight_smile:

That fog you can see on the inside is not fog, it is most likely ambient occlusion & depth of field, from the graphics tab in options. :slight_smile: