Made for Windows Kinect vs. 360 Kinect

After doing a little bit of research and wondering what some of this was, is there any guide on the differences between the Xbox 360’s Kinect, and the new (as of this year) Microsoft Windows variation of the Kinect? Apparently it’s only available online and it’s about $100 more from what I gather. I can’t see the Microsoft one being in any retail stores if there aren’t any actual titles for it.

Has the Microsoft Kinect worked decently? Does anyone even have it??? Lol. I’m still looking for tips on how to optimize my motion capturing so it looks close to ideal, feel free to lock this or point me in the right direction if there is a thread or guide available that I missed. Also - would a used Xbox 360 kinect that’s been beaten up just a little bit have any effect on its performance, regarding how the kinect communicates with the game??? I understand light plays a significant role but I’m wondering what other factors go unnoticed.

Pretty excited to make videos with the Kinect+GMOD update once I get ideal working conditions figured out. What are some of your experiences? Little difficult right now getting the ragdolls to cooperate, particularly arms and legs. But like all things it just takes some tinkering. What’s the buzz now that the kinect update’s out!

I have owned both, and currently use a Microsoft Kinect.

From memory, I think the only real differences are that the MS Kinect can track objects / people closer to the sensor (so you can use upper body tracking while sitting at a desk). It also claims to have better skeletal tracking. In actual use I’ve noticed no difference between them, but its tough to judge. Garry’s Mod tracks skeletal movement as good if not better than any other software I’ve used with these things! The only thing is, since it’s real time you can’t make corrections.

I would recommend you buy the one that is cheapest / easiest for you to get your hands on. If you are a student (IE if you have a college email address) you can get the MS Kinect for $150 last I checked, but there isn’t as much software out for it right now. I’ve had loads of fun with Garry’s Mod’s integration thus far. In ideal conditions and with some practice, the tracking can be shockingly accurate.

I’m getting there as far as figuring out what it likes lighting-wise, plus the do’s an don’ts.

And actually the Kinect price (the 360’s) went down to a little over $100 for the holiday consumer-ism

This was of course one of the first things I ended up recording, out of a few other dancing clips…

Actually, I don’t think there is any difference besides the Device ID being different, so when you plug in the Windows version it automatically downloads the drivers and what not, the Xbox one you have to download and install the SDK for the drivers. That and the Windows one won’t work on the Xbox because like I said, different Device ID.

Why would Microsoft go and make a separate Kinect that won’t sell very well just for the computer?
They wouldn’t and they’d lose money. It’s probably exactly the same except for the ID and of course the plastic case.

yeah dude, seems like if you have decent lighting, wear different colored clothing for the sensors, and are in a good sized room then you’ll be fine


I’ve never really had any issues with the Kinect not tracking me, but wearing light colored clothing and having better light would probably help, or make it worse because it uses an Infrared projector and Infrared camera as a depth sensor, so more lighting might make it worse not sure never tried, but lighter clothing will help, big time.