made my mind for some implementations

i made my mind about some things while playing rust.

first what could replace zombies. i thought about some mutants patrol in the towns and defend them. some of them could be ranged with pistols and the others melee with hatchets or fighting with their fists. why mutants? because there is RAD in the towns and they fit together.
there should be some military groups patrol over the whole map near the road in addition. they should attack everyone who is holding a weapon in his hands (pistol, pickaxe, etc.) including bears, wolves and mutants. so if you are unarmed they ignore you.

next one is the bow. i think there should be quivers for the bow wich you can craft from leather and mount it on the bow like you can mount the flashlight on a pistol. then you can reload the quiver with arrows (maybe 2 full arrow stacks). the result is you have more space in the inventory.

inventory is the next point. there sould be a bin where you can put in all the things wich other players should not loot.

last but not least stones. i think everyone knows what i mean. you can find them everywhere but after 3-4 hours noone needs them anymore. so i tought about melting them into sand. the sand could be crafted into glass.
for example: put stone into a furnace and it will be sand. craft sand into glass.
out of that you could craft things like “glass windows / security glass windows” or craft glass with metal fragments and get “binoculars” or “range finders”.

thats all for now. i hope some of my ideas will help the devs to make rust a better game.