Made my own vehicle but I am tilted sideways

Exactly what title says.
I also can’t see the model.

When I am in 3rd person, I can see my body rocking back and forth (boat) Pretty sure this is the reason but how can I fix it?

So I help some people in the questions section and I dun even get help? Pfft.

is this for penis mode?

I was going to ask but Dav0r beat me to it…

Help is a goodwill of someone. You don’t have to do that.
If somebody don’t replay on thread it doesn’t mean that he DON’T want to help You. Maby that person don’t know or that person didn’t saw Your thread.

Yeah, I need to make a V3 and the boat is a big old dick that can fuck whales.
Profit? I think so.

@Krizzu I really just had to bump it so people did see it xD