MadlyMonkey SeriousRP

The MadlyMonkey Serious RP is now up!



  1. NO Prop Pushin, Killing, etc.
  2. NO RDM (Random Deathmatch)
  3. NO building things intended to crash the server.
  4. DONT Buy doors if you are not going to use them.
  6. Do NOT be a corrupt civil protection.
  7. The MobBoss cannot set agenda to kill a certain group.
  8. Do NOT Spam Money

Sorry,but i cant call that Serious RP.
Need a lot of changes, too many job’s, there wiremod, downtown,drugs mod.
no fearrp rule :

Change the server name to [MM] DarkRP,its not Serious RP.

I honestly HATE it when kids get on Facepunch and advertise DarkDM servers claiming to be a serious server. This server is no different from the other DarkRP servers that claim to be serious. My advice? Don’t use DarkDM. No wait, you couldn’t pull off serious roleplay if you tried. Instead, don’t claim to be serious and just have it has a normal DarkRP server.

Another generic DarkDM, claiming it is serious, but has nothing to show for it. See, its servers like this that makes people think my server is the same. 99% of DarkRP servers ruin the reputation of the other 1%.

Although the screenshot is artistic, we can all see where this is going right?
Heh, I used to be a DarkDM optimistic person, now all I see a misery.

(Funny, I still run a DarkRP Based Gamemode, completely re-edited to be a bit like PeRP though :wink: )

Ahhh … just another DarkDM server i see.

I swear 90% of Gmod discussion is about new RP servers.

As the server’s offline at the moment, I’ll just try to judge the book by it’s cover.

So first of all, under your “info” it says “IP”. That is not the server IP. The server IP comes in an arrangement of numbers such as ", depending on your port)
Everything else there seems OK, though you should add more rules. tbh, 8 rules won’t serve good. You got the basis rules, so to speak but you need to list more as this is a Serious RP server.

And about that picture. I personally don’t find it artsy. It’s basically a mediocre picture of some barely touched ragdolls with some Wiremod signs on. And for that matter, what the hell is Wiremod doing on a Serious RP Server? Do you have the slightest idea of what Serious RP is?
The picture also seems to promote the use of guns. Like seriously, take a look at it. It has a guy named Gman ontop of the fountain waving an M4 around. Right under, you have ANOTHER Gun Dealer pointing a gun at some rebels head. You also see some random stuff such as a flying CT, the ‘mr. awesome’ face (probably due to some sort of drugs mod? You could at least have given it another model so it wasn’t some sort of smiley…) a Combine behind the drug dealer that looks like he’s putting some sort of drug into his neck and a restaurant manager with a strange duckface.
It doesn’t even promote SeriousRP to the slightest. Hell, it looks like all the other DarkRP servers. Drugsmod, Wiremod, a bunch of custom jobs… and why do you need custom jobs? Having the basis jobs is more than fine, you don’t need a damn title over your head to explain what you’re doing. Like, really.

And what’s up with the character names? Looks like your Serious RP server doesn’t require an RP name.

Obviously I haven’t joined the server yet as it’s offline for uknown reasons but I’ll try it out once it goes back up. I’ll update this post if anything dramatic happens.