Madman Comic Month: Introduction.

A mad theme would be just perfect don’t you think? All madness and no sparta

My birthday is february 15th lul

in the middle of the shiet

Mad Max theme,
porn industry or “How i learned to stop worry about script and love cream”,
what happens in kitchen at night,
if world had a soundtrack,
comic where all characters are chinesse,
everything you need to know about batteries,
horror comic where every character dies after appearing in three panels.

Idea 1: The Mask (like the old cartoon series and maybe the movie)
Idea 2: Army of Two
Idea 3: AvP (preferably not based off the shitty films)
Idea 4: Something to do with rocking really hard on a flaming spaceship as it crashes towards Earth
Idea 5: Racism
Idea 6: OTT cinematic action games/films (such as Hard Boiled, Max Payne, maybe Devil May Cry and Shoot Em Up)
Idea 7: Conspiracy Thriller
Idea 8: A zombie apocalypse from the undead’s POV
Idea 9: Sunshine (the film)
Idea 10: What’s wrong with modern survival horror games
Idea 11: What’s wrong with modern flims
Idea 12: Why is the sky blue
Idea 13: Schoolwork and exams
Idea 14: Why good help is so hard to find
Idea 15: Custom skins comic where every motherfucking user-skin you have is involved in some sort of battle royale to that ‘Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting’ song… Unless that’s been done before in which case, just have yourself beat them up Neo-style in the second Matrix film because you’re sick of them asking about DotF.


Anyway take whichever ones you prefer.

Left for Dead. From the zombie’s perspective.

I’d say something post-apocalyptic. Or maybe STEAMPUUUUUUUUUUNK.
You know, steam powered zeppelins, flying cities, deathrays, victorian stuff.

A politics theme. Madman becomes president of the united States.


Nikola Tesla.

how about a “finish that damn milk comic first” theme?

A Ronin/Heat/Kane and Lynch/Dark Night Robbery/Transporter theme!!!

Oh one more thing…GET OUT OF MY DINER! :stuck_out_tongue: kidding, nothing it has to do with me.

A series on forgotten games.

Be it Parappa the Rapper, F-Zero, whatever.


Zombieland theme.

Do one about internet memes.

Do a sci-fi romantic comedy where you command an elite force of specially trained facepunch comic making super soldiers in the future in outer space. Your quest in your huge spaceship in your vast empire is to find the love of your life, Amy Rose. But you are not a good guy, no, you’re an evil bastard. From there you will have to defend her from the good forces as the true one to wed her, Sonic, will take his Sonic Team army and attempt to vanquish you and rescue Amy. Once you realize you might get fucked over any second, you take Amy to the love room but then you find out she’s actually a princess and Sonic is a prince. She then tells you a secret only she knew, and that is she’s your twin sister separated at birth and you were taken away by the empire and they transformed you from a Hedgehog to a human. So you proceed to rape the shit out of her pink ass and launch her out the airlock.

Apocalyptic Zombie Dollars

You are Captain Madbeard, an explorer in search of the lost city of Punchopolis. To get there, you’ll need a crew of the trustworthy sort in order to navigate across the sea of piss, through the jungles of Generaldiscussia, over the desert of comicsectiona, and past the infamous dark fissure of OIF. Along the way you will face betrayal, meet new allies, discover hidden content, and eventually, discover the lost utopia of Punchopolis.

Kanye West in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Pirates Vs. Cowboys… On the moon…
Also, aren’t Heinekens supposed to be green?