madness combat models

i think we need some madness combat models. We have had zero punctuation models but we need some madness combat stuff.

that is a normal “grunt” player. this should be very easy to do

this here is the main protagonist of madness combat. hank…

this is tricky. most people like this guy

there are many other characters in madness combat. there are even loads of weapons so this could be a mega pack.

This should be done. thank you


Extremely basic model, but is something.

indeed it is something. but it never included all characters in the videos, it only includes the grunts and that’s all

so is anyone able to do this

Well I actually used to love this series. I am not good at modeling and am new to creating character models. I thought I give it a shot but this looks to bad. I may or may not help you with this. School is starting soon and I want to focus on that first.

That is all I got done for now. There are only basic textures so I can keep track of what texture goes where when I am done rigging it or if I even finish it.

that looks good. thank you for doing this

what software are you using to make models btw

I use cinema 4D. I am just used to the controls more because I originally created gfxs for YouTube backgrounds, logos, and intros.

if you cant finish this can you at least upload what you made?