Madness in Garry's Mod

A part of a friend and mine’s series of “Madness in…”

I put a lot of work into this, I hope you guys enjoy.

Faceposing, Recording, Pretty much everything ingame, Ideas - Me
Arrangement of clips, Ideas - Niko
Telling me it needs more sex scenes - Dean

I quite liked it, but you should focus on doing a proper machinima for your next project, rather than another “random” GMOD video.

Feels like I’ve seen this a thousand times already.

Thanks, good idea.

I’m still fairly new to GMod machinima and I have no idea what to do, lol.

Were you inspired by The Idiots of Garry’s Mod? Because this is so Djy1991-like quality, I’d think I was watching the third installment of IOGM if not the title, lolz.

good ideas i liked

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