MadTurd ban Request


So this guy called “MadTurd” has been killing me for the past 5 hours now, He killed me with an M4 from the top of a fucking mountain, and then killed me again through my windows.
This guy has been a proven hacker before and therefore deserves the Ban Hammer!

What i’m trying to say is that this guy has been speedhacking and aimbotting around the place for a good 4 hours now, and nothing has been done.

He keeps killing me again and again and again from an incredible distance, Seriously I cant even exit my house.


So he deserves a ban because he killed you?

WAAAAAA someone is killing me garry ban them!!!

No, He’s aimboting I just thought I mentioned it.

Don’t accuse people without proof.

So, if someone kills you more than 1 time he’s cheating?

If he bothers you, just log out for a cupple of minutes.

Where’s the proof other than your whining about someone killing you.

Its not really that big of a map so its possible your just running into him a lot or if your respawning in your house then he wants your goodies so unlucky. Also get video proof, your word is not good enough to warrant a ban, I’ve been killed by hackers loads but I didn’t have any proof so I didn’t do anything about it because its pointless. Right now is the proof.

What did you do to make him mad? Not a hacker, you probably just made him want to kill you repeatedly. He is mad, after all.

He has… abnormal aim.