Maestro: an admin mod that isn't ULX

Extra plugins:

Third-party plugins:

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No multiple ranks per user? That’s something every admin mod should have imo…

When did this become a thing and why have I never heard of it?

I don’t really see how people can handle e.g. moderators who have donated otherwise…

Ranks that expire is a better method. In my admin mod you’d just do “/setgroup aStonedPenguin mod 30d user”

Damn, being seeing this in the waywo for the past few months, will definitely be using jt.

Great job; huge fan of the name, too.

This is really cool and I’ll definitely make the switch from ULX if there are some TTT commands

The only problem is that your admin mod could be the best admin mod ever, but it would unlikely see the same amount of integration and support that other addons have with ULX. Also, most things that Maestro has are commands that could simply be made for ULX. The only thing that I see Maestro having over ULX is that VGUI, as it is a very nice VGUI.

Fixed a nasty oversight where banid would ignore permissions :v:

ULX still haven’t fixed that issue

Is it bad that I love anything that isn’t ULX? :v:

Version 1.2.0: Added team, queue. Team works with DarkRP jobs, queue lets you queue up commands for later. Will take a stab at TTT next.

That rankflag system is sexy as fuck. I’m probably going to end up switching over to this admin mod in the next few days and rewriting my addons to work with it.


Why should donations have any affect on your rank in an administrative system? Personally I completely separate the administrative system from anything that has to do with gameplay or otherwise similar.

how else am i gonna add permissions to users? isn’t that what groups are for?
i had to write my own admin mod because none had it

Why would you want to give donators extra administrative permissions?

if i want to keep groups/ranks in one place, and i want some groups to receive special tools or features, how would i do it otherwise?

Make a separate system that works independently of the administrative one. Conceptually I just don’t think they belong together and I’ve spent a long time thinking about this very subject.