Mafia 2 maybe?

Vito and others will be perfect.

There’s other threads on this.

It’s impossible/nearly impossible to port from Mafia 2 yet or something.

No porting tools, as of what I know

Ripping’s not possible.

Porting’s not possible yet, may be in a few months. I’ll probably port something as soon as it’s available, or somebody else will.

Thanks fo information guys.

Yeah but there is a gay who’s username is shotgunguy, but with numbers and capital letters or whatever, he’s a good ripper but I think he is currently busy on star wars models (I might be thinking of another ripping pro)

But in the mean time, stick with this:

Doesn’t matter how good he is if there aren’t any tools.

Thanks, but i’ll already have this models and need Vito and Joe and others.
Ok. Let’s wait.

hes not gay,