Mafia 2 models.

Can anyone import main characters from Mafia 2 into Source?

I can’t get pictures of all the characters, but I think these models are very useful to many people.

Please import as much models as possible!


I need this models!

Nice idea. How about cars?

Very kewl models, i want’em in Source!11one

i think if somebody port cars and make addon like Scars…it would be awesome!

I dream about these models

it would be nice.
I wonder if someone create a map in the Mafia style…Like America of 40s, at least port some props to decorate other maps

The game came out fucking 4 days ago.

I personally don’t want any of the characters to be ripped, so you’ll have to wait for porting tools. Luckily, I heard it’s possible. Give it a few months for porting tools to be available. You can probably just rip the cars as there’s no skeletons or moving parts to them.

Yeah I wanted to see Vito grabbin’ peelz in Gmod.

Here’s and idea, buy the game, get 3D Ripper DX, rip all the models.
Then Give em to someone who knows how to make em into playermodels.
Or download the demo and rip the 3 main characters in that.
Plus don’t forget all the peds

Yeah mafia 2!!

3D Ripper doesn’t work with it.