Mafia 2

I noticed alot of Mafia II stuff on the Forums lately and I noticed someone just ported the WW2 Jeep from Mafia II. Now I was wondering if someone could bring in Vito in his WW2 Airborne Outfit? And maybe a few of his buddies? Would be much appreciated.

I agree with that! We need this!

It ** probably ** would be easy, just take the current Vito and change him up a bit. His buddies would have to be ported from scratch though.

Would be easier and would look less shite if he would be ported instead of trying to wrangle with a model that doesn’t really look the part.

On the other hand I don’t care, ww2 models are overdone.

Then why Post?

Did you miss the first part of the message or is it just not visible for your eyes?

Yeah, I saw. WW2 models are not over done though, they are in fact under done. I have not seen any good 82nd Airborne Troops anywhere. Also wee need Marines as well, Bloo was working on WaW models but some assmonkey came and released them.
But yes, you are right. It’d be easier to just port the model, I didn’t realize the hassle of modeling and skinning.