Mafia (.4ds) to Source (.mdl)

How I can do this? I have a car model for Mafia and I want import it into Source Engine.

No one?

I remember there was a 3d program they used to make models in the mafia forum. It should be possible to export 3ds and then to smd. I belive it was Zbrush

It wasn’t.
As far as I remember, Cinema4d is able to import .4ds files. Then you can probably export to .obj or something else that 3ds max supports.

I remember it now. It was

Yes, and what is great is that the textures are consistent when you export it at a different format.

Okay, I got Cinema 4D. When i try to open the .4ds file, I got error “Unsuported Format”. I don’t got any thing like “Import” just “Export”. What I need to do?


I transported model from Zmodeler to .3ds and opened in 3ds Max Studio: Result:


3ds Max Studio

What I’m doing wrong?

Any idea?

No one?

Hmmm sems some surfaces are turning the worng way. I think you have to clean it up in 3dmax. That is normal when importing stuff from other games and etc.

Snip wrong thread, sorry.