Mafia II models

Can anyone get some Mafia II models onto GMOD?

Or at least a decent suit/trench coat for the citizen models?

seconding this, mafia 2 vehicles with several colors each and seperated wheels would be a godsend for the map that I’m working on

As far as I know there are no working tools yet.

I’ll third this. Mafia II has the best art assets of any game I’ve played to date, they’re gorgeous.

Came out a week ago. Give it time. I am very hopeful for being able to port from the game, though. The rate at which they’re modding the game is quite amazing.

There are mods already?

I knew Mafia had a really dedicated community, but holy shit.

They were modding the shit out of it even in the demo. They’re slowly inching their way to editing missions and stuff. Right now, we’re at the spot of custom textures and custom lua scripts (Which are actually quite basic)

Also, ripping from the game doesn’t work so we’re pretty much dependent on porting if we ever want to see Mafia 2 models in the Source engine.

There are a few things i seen on but just not enough to my liking. I would like to see more vehicles and more city props from the game. Empire Bay is a great city with a lot of cool props to use. Would be cool to have things like the cars have 2 skins: snow covered and other not. Plus the furniture from the safe houses and others things like that.

Here are some stuff. Includes some vehicles, plus Vito Scaletta (in a trenchcoat) and Joe Barbaro (in white shirt).

Well, gotta say that someone could rip the paratroopers from first mission, that would be cool.