Mafia II Pack! (part one anyways)

To hold off for part two that will come probably in late January (probably later lol), you get:[ul]
[li]Vito Scaletta in a coat with ragdolled coat tails and a suit that can be colored with the color tool![/li][li]Joe Barbaro w/ some rolled up sleeves[/li][li]A cop[/li][li]A car (Ascot Bailey) that can be colored with the color tool! Also it has a bodygroup for the trunk but it’s weird because you have to like set the bodygroup # to 0 and subgroup to 1[/ul][/li]Okay now all of these guys have face flexes. They also have finger posing, but the fingers are a bitch to work right. I am using Mafia II bones so their hands are a little off. Turn off restrictions in the finger poser tool and put the dots all the way to the left if you want them to bend their fingers “properly”.

*undie Vito not included


Below picture provided by Hellsing4682; thanks!

thx 2 enhanced_ai for unfinished pic

Need some weapons? Check out the Brothers in Arms Weapons Pack made by Bloocobalt for the 12 Berets of Xmas dealio. Me and Bloocobalt were going to port some weapons from Mafia II for you guys, but frankly the MII weapons look like shit and Brothers in Arms has practically all of the weapons anyways plus more.

P.S. please suggest cars to port but not that many because porting cars is a pain in the ass so get ones that are nice and stuff plz thx



Fucking shit!

This is lovely boy!

Love ya Dean, these are fucking awesome

It would make a poor child with AIDs happy if you please ported the Potomac Indian:

Nice releases, Henry!

Should I still port the weapons from Mafia II?

Rate this post “Agree” if you think I should or “Disagree” if you think I should not.

Note: All weapons I port always have a ton of bodygroups and magazine props (when applicable).

What do you mean when applicable? If it were up to you, anything you port would have bodygroups. I bet if you were to port a wooden stick you would find a way to make 6 bodygroups of it with various tactical attachments.

this is the fuckin jizz

This is awesome, thanks for doing this been waiting for someone to. (If you do the Mafia 2 cars I’ll have to fluff my pillow up with some watermelons and then drastically rape you in your ear canal until your brain catches my jizz wave.)

Port the WW2 cars and I will be happy.

Nice !! very good !

Potomac, cop car and jeep, how does that sound

Port the WWII jeep, service and civilian versions please :smile:

(with Sicilian Accent)
I Love this Work…this is an “Offer you Can’t Refuse”

he didn’t make any offers.

You’re a great man. We are in debt to you Don Townshend.

Oh have Fingerposing and Facepos…OMFG!

I fucking laughed my ass off when I saw the “what the fuck” and “mario 64” sliders. It was so unexpected.