"Mafia II"

(User was banned for this post ("YWrong section again. This is the place for GMOD screenshots." - Swebonny))

Love it

Thank you!

Based on fingernails I assume SFM.

Scout looks stoned

SFM again, really man? You were banned once for this.

Guys just report it as spam. It’s either he’s trolling or just completely stupid. Better off reporting so he’d get banned like how he did last time. If he can’t learn, then I’m sure the mods will teach him a lesson.

Not me only post SFM works here

Do you think that fucking matters? Do you think if you robbed a bank you’d get off scot-free simply because others have done it? You’ve been banned for it, that should be enough to tell you “no”.

you were good at making things using gmod. why do you depend on SFM?

Well duh, because it’s more challenging to make stillshot poses in a film maker.