Mafia Raincoat Citizens

-For 6 of the citizens. It felt unfitting to have black or Asian mobsters.

-The hat is a bodygroup. (Use bodygroup changer tool, or type ent_fire !picker setbodygroup # (0-1) in the console)

-2 skingroups. I wanted more, but the textures, probably unnecessarily, are 2048x2048 and I didn’t want the release being 100 MB. (Use bodygroup changer tool, or type ent_fire !picker skin # (0-1) in the console)

-Includes a fedora hat prop I proudly modeled myself.

-Model’s hacked together from Kane & Lynch bodies, not Mafia 2. However, some texture parts were used from Mafia 2 textures.

-Not a player model. If you want one, I’d be happy to provide the source files (PM) but I’m not doing it myself.

-Don’t complain about the ill-fitted hats. Some of those heads were fucking massive and I didn’t really model the hat to fit on a citizen head, so I had to use some creative scaling.

-me obviously for being so extremely handsome
-IO Interactive
-2K Games
-Shotgunguy49/Taggart I don’t know one of them


Bodygroup Changer

fucking sexy mate


Fucking cool! Thanks bro!

Awesome, nice work.

You aren’t crediting yourself? :raise:


Haha, added it :v:

Oh my Fucking GoD!!! i love this work!!! AWesome!!!

i love you

cool beans dean.

I like the fedora, and I’m proud you did it yourself.

lol homo

yes he do

-me obviously for being so extremely handsome <------ this
-IO Interactive
-2K Games
-Shotgunguy49/Taggart I don’t know one of them

Great work, as usual. I’m always glad to see something that isn’t “soldiers in a modern combat setting, or the guns they use”. Mobsters aren’t exactly my thing, but these would still fit in in a lot of settings.


also awesome


Fixed your link there…it was a link to the image. xD
Looks awesome, it’s been a while since anyone dabbled into mobsters.

The image works as a link you know, its a feature of ^^

SSG helped me with a line in the QC but he said you taught him it, so your credit is split


He edited since I posted my post.

Would it be possible for you to just give us the files for the other variants?

…oh my god