Mafia skin pack

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Mafia skin pack

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] Some mafia skins

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] I’m not filling this out

[tab]Download:[/tab] RapidShare: MEGAUPLOAD: [/release]

I decided to make some cool looking skins of old-style mafia members.
This consists of 2 parts: 9 hexed mobster-type skins and 9 hexed gangster skins.
Here are some pictures:
The “mobsters”:

And the gangsters:

Don’t be fooled by the pictures. The skins are hexed with ALL male citizens. I only made a pic of 2, because I wanted to make the skins from a smaller distance.

I hope there will be more mafia comics now. Enjoy!
:siren:Spawncodes can be downloaded here:
Extract this to your gmod folder after extracting the skins.:siren:

These are just so schweet. 5!
Would really help if you had spawncodes though

Cool. but spawncodes would be even more COOL!

I said, they’re in the rar!
Why do people never read what’s written there. It contains some useful sruff, you know.


Can’t you read that?

no there not. i been looking it

Ok, here are the spawncodes:
Extract them to your gmod folder after extracting the skins.

these look great. I’m going to post the spawncodes now, If you don’t want me to just say so and i will edit them out
Just make a notpad doc with this in it

“Mafia skins”

"~Mobsters"		"1"

#Mobster 1” “models/Humans/mobster/male_01.mdl”
#Mobster 2” “models/Humans/mobster/male_02.mdl”
#Mobster 3” “models/Humans/mobster/male_03.mdl”
#Mobster 4” “models/Humans/mobster/male_04.mdl”
#Mobster 5” “models/Humans/mobster/male_05.mdl”
#Mobster 6” “models/Humans/mobster/male_06.mdl”
#Mobster 7” “models/Humans/mobster/male_07.mdl”
#Mobster 8” “models/Humans/mobster/male_08.mdl”
#Mobster 9” “models/Humans/mobster/male_09.mdl”

“~Gangsters” “1”

#Gangster 1” “models/Humans/mafiozo/male_01.mdl”
#Gangster 2” “models/Humans/mafiozo/male_02.mdl”
#Gangster 3” “models/Humans/mafiozo/male_03.mdl”
#Gangster 4” “models/Humans/mafiozo/male_04.mdl”
#Gangster 5” “models/Humans/mafiozo/male_05.mdl”
#Gangster 6” “models/Humans/mafiozo/male_06.mdl”
#Gangster 7” “models/Humans/mafiozo/male_07.mdl”
#Gangster 8” “models/Humans/mafiozo/male_08.mdl”
#Gangster 9” “models/Humans/mafiozo/male_09.mdl”


I just added a rar with the spawncodes in the first post.
I didn’t write it like that, because some noobs would ask “what do i do with it???”

They look really good, but on the gangster’s skin, the tie look’s ridiculously small. Other than that, good skin’s.

THANK YOU! i love it!

Where can i get those weapon models?

I couldn’t find a way to make it better, so it will have to be like that.

Prety cool i’d say :smiley:

O.k, now give me the guns.

Jesus, awesome! Its exactly what I need.

You get a 5 and a thanks.

The tommygun is from phw, the python is from fpsbanana and the bat is from… here, fp.

Sweet great job.

May I ask that you convert the cars?

Filefront Please or ihud

From what?

The ties look really small. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think DucTTapE means from Mafia, because he thinks these are from there.

Well, actually, they are. I took the textures from mafia and used them to create these. So I kinda “ported” the skins.