Mafia Stuff

Hello there, lol, here’s the thing, I’m making a short movie so I need some mafia stuff, i mean cars, people, props, maps e t.d. Is anybody able to help me?

There’s a studebaker model in Sakarias88’s SCar’s pack, I think there’s a black model of the second car you posted in the Gmow vehicle pack too. You can find a Thompson with the drum configuration in some of the DoD weapon packs. The suits are a bit more difficult. So far, I’ve only seen black suits, and one or two fedoras.

How long is the movie you’re making?

We started making this movie about ~2 months ago

I’ve got a bunch of props (no characters, sorry) from the game, Mafia, all as 4DS files. I know these can be opened in ZModeler, and from there extracted into Maya, not sure about Gmod. To get these, download the Mafia XTractor. It should still be kicking online somewhere…