They are gonna die in two days due to smookign too much.

The smoke doesn’t look like actual smoke

Otherwise, rather good.

That looks like a really awkward and downright painful way to hold a Tommy gun

Yes, I have long struggled with the smoke from his mouth but he is smart and has not turned out = (

Where can one find these models?



does it exist playermodels for those?

Why does everyone want playermodels so damn much

easier to make machinima with…


Because models are amazing :smiley:

Dammit Vito, why did you turn into Male_07?

Little bit too much random blur for my taste

Poor Rufio, he’s gonna die from Lung cancer.


breathing out smoke is more like a plume or a cloud, not a stream like from a cigarette.

Before I even start to criticize the other flaws of this picture, I want to know why the weapons are blurred.

To me, the guy in the middle is the only one with posing issues. You got blur problems in assorted areas but everything else is fine.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but there’s weird artifacts on the dark parts of the picture.

Yes, I too overdone with the blurring of hands =(
This was a test of models :smiley:
They are very good xD