So I have formally decided to make my server a 1930’s MafiaRP. I hope to have it up and running soon (week or two.)

Steam Community Page:
Blog: (WIP by Zip)
Facepunch Group:

Since nothing is really set in stone yet here is what we have planned so far.

Mr. Cambaro: Cambaro family leader. Spawns with M1911, Sicilian.
Cambaro Soldier: The soldiers of the cambaro family.
Mr. Yakuzi: Head of the Chinese Yakuzi family, spawns with a Nambu.
Yakuzi Soldier: Self explanatory.
Police Chief: Spawns with Lee Endfield’s.
Officer: Spawn with M1911’s.
Mayor: Same old mayor.
Gun Dealer: Little to no salary, only income would be from gun sales.

Evolve: Admin Interface for now…
All WWII DOD Sweps Version 2

1928 Tommy Gun
Double Barrel Shotgun
Pump Shotgun
Thompson M1A1
Grease Gun
Lee Endfield
M1 Garand
Kar98 Scoped/Un-scoped
Trench Knife
Gewhr 43
Walther PPK

Anything I missed? Suggestions and constructive criticism wanted.

Sounds like dark rp with different guns and jobs.


If you had multiple families then it could have a bit more potential.

Ohhh, I didn’t even think of this.

Any idea what map you will do it on?

For now it will be Downtown_v4. I honestly think that map will work for the most part, but with a few different skins and houses changed around. The layout fits the time period more or less.

just like from the godfather

Having multiple families compete for control of the city while trying to not get caught by the cops could be a fun experience, at least for a while.

yeah, until one douchbag decides to buy a tommy gun and shoot everything that moves.

That would be the problem. If people actually roleplayed (highly unlikely) then it would be a very fun gamemode. However, more likely, massive rdm will insue, as it usually does.

I hope to avoid that. I will try to admins on as long as a player is on. Rival gangs can only kill each other if they are on rival turf which must be marked. If they rdm the will get a 10 minute ban automatically.

Automatically? How?

Uh, I mean like no questions asked. Just boom ban!

Wait what?

So lets say Zambies! walks out on the street shoots you and you go tell an admin and people back you up 10 minute ban no negotiating unless it is for a longer ban.

I thought gmod darkrp was already like that, people trying to control stuff and shooting each other whilst kids who go as cop arrest everyone and someone buys a gun and blocks spawn.

Yeah, add more gangs and it could be pretty good.

Now I have two families (One Sicilian and one Chinese.) I still have the regular Mob Boss and Gangsters if you decide to make your own family though. Do you guys feel I need more?


Don’t use DarkRP as a base, use something more advanced such as a Custom made Gamemode.

Never hurts to learn some Lua.

I have zero experience with Lua though. Beside DarkRP jobs and shipments. That would require me to learn everything not just some.