Magic Rust Opening may 2nd 2014 18.00 GMT+0 / IP


I’m one of the admins for the rust server “Magic Rust”. We’re a new server, recently purchased a week ago. After a trial run, we’re going to be resetting and opening the server for a minimum of at least 1 month.

In case you missed the post, and are slightly late to the party, we will have a 24-hour no airdops period, so that nobody gets too much of a headstart!

**Copy and Paste IP for the lazy:

> net.connect**

Latency is Amazing for = USE/EU/RUS

Why should you join our server?

Community: We’re a very friendly bunch of guys, and we even host a Team Speak for everyone to join in on, details of the Team Speak IP appear as you log into the server, come chat with us!

Admins: We have a extremely friendly, just and fair bunch of admins, we never admin abuse, and in fact only the head admin (Darthgamer) has the ability to spawn items / despawn others items. We’re all around 22y/o, and play the game just like any other player. Don’t be afraid to cap/raid us-infact we encourage it ;).

Mods: We have an excellent selection of mods:

Arrow Recovery: Kill bear with arrow, collect arrow back, huzzah!

Clan System: Insert a clan sig, allowing you to easily recognize your friends.

Destroy Mod: Accidently placed a wall in the wrong place? Dont sweat farming C4, you can just destroy any items that YOU have made.

Door Share: Share all doors to your crib with whoever homies you desire.

Events: We plan to create a living community and will be adding an arena and a deathrun course a few days after the server start. Winners of those will be given a small reward of sort :smiley:

Airdrops: As said, no airsdrops during the first 24h of the server, after 24hours have passed, there will be 1 air drop every 70-90 min.

Server will be going live approx: 19.00 UK time.

Hi, Where is this server hosted?

in the UK

Server is running fine and welcomin more people!