Magic The Gathering

Hello there! I’ve been very lonely for about a half of a year and throughout this period of lonelyness i’ve been doing two things (excluding: eating, sleeping,going to school and shitting): lurking the internet and playing Magic The Gathering with my brother. If some of you don’t know what MTG is then here’s a link to wikipedia:

I can’t begin to fathom how many times I got an awesome magic card and thought, “Wow, I wish I could make this a model/NPC so I could use it in garrysmod”. But I have neither the time nor the skills to make either.

This handy website is the database of all magic cards EVER so if you need inspiration just go there and click “random card” until you find a creature card then post your model on and link it on to this thread with some pictures if you want. Happy modeling!

*No models from other games/movies
*If you are going to criticize someone’s work, make constructive criticizim.
*Don’t be a troll.

Some Requests:

Wait, are you requesting the cards or the monsters the cards represent?

And this seems like a request, theres a handy dandy sub-form for these.

Right here

The monsters the cards represent.

The monsters looks awesome ! :smiley:

I support this request. Magic is awesome! :smiley: