Magical Standoff

Too bad Vman didn’t choose Magic as the new theme for the contest :S

Anyhoo, some practice making special effects

Cropped since I didn’t use most of the top and bottom


Copy + paste seems to be your friend.
They are too blurry. It looks really fake.

Any actual suggestions on making it better or are you just gonna trash it till I stop trying?

No but judging by your post count,joining date and pictures I think youre a newcomer and we have a lot of newcomers lately.
Whatever, you seem interested so…
As far as I know you can make it look better if you:
Add the color of the effect to the world(in your picture it would be the ground and the store)
Add shadows of the effect
Dont blur the edges so hard
Also they seem to be in the wrong angle

Well, firstly, Joining date and post count can be quite misleading. :wink:

I had to make a new account since FP didn’t let me log out at all, and My old account had the nick from 1990’s… (overreacting) anyhoo, I created a new account with my current nick.

As for the C&C thanks,

I thought of the lighting on the ground and store only after I put it here, Maybe ill go back and fix that.
The blurred edges are not blurred, they’re just created that way, if you would have seen the tutorial then you would know what Im talking about.

and angle? you mean like the waves are going off a bit?

Well the effect looks rather 2D

Any tips on fixing that?

also, Added some lighting on the shop and ground

Gandalf would get a hardon from this.

The magic beams don’t blend to well with the background. To cartoony.
But a cool picture nevertheless.

He already told you how to fix.

Well it’s hard when you don’t see what he is talking about :C

Open your eyes. blindy :smiley:

Oooh, so that’s why everyone’s calling me that…


Well, this was a test and hopefully I’ll see what you mean next time when I do this type of screen :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I like the blue wave better P:

Posing looks decent.

This looks shopped.

Nah man I used ingame effects…


I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

What a coincidence, I go to shops twice a week T_T

Bad angle, too blurred.

The angle was supposed to have them both on the sides

It is still bad.