Magicka: 1941

Hey, I posed some magicka dudes and my friend Juraj decided to edit it.


Wow, freaking excellent.

Thank you mate. :slight_smile:

really nice. Also fond of the editing, too

guys remember, comments make us feel loved.

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That means a lot from you. I admire your work.

The posing is kinda eh. You could always add a little glow to the staff, or make smoke in the sky. But it’s good.

Thanks for your thoughts! Though I disagree.
From what I tried, adding any more coloured glow to the staff broke the low-contrast colour harmony of the picture. Any more white light and it started obscuring the details.
I also purposely aimed for a very clean and sheer visuals, so I didn’t put any smoke in there, apart from the bits blurred in the background - I’m not entirely satisfied with the plane explosion, it is too messy for the picture and even the very faint smoke makes it stand out.

Heheh, that’s pretty cool.

I don’t know how to respond to awesome on these levels…
I think my brain just orgasmed and my body is about to die from it.

this is an awesome idea! and really good executed!
medal for you!

Plane Model?

You did a good job, but I’m bothered by how the lightning is the same size across the image, despite hitting a target rather far away.

Simply awesome!

I used one from Resistance & Liberation.

Faraon, why did you put the dumb rate?

Makes me want to play magicka again. good job!

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Thanks for all the replies :v: