[Magma] Alliance Wars (WIP)

Alliance Wars is a large plug-in that gives players a way to immerse themselves with some team based objectives. The entire post can be found here on the magma community forum located here: http://gomagma.org/community/index.php?topic=281.0

This plugin is currently being developed by just me.

The main goal of alliance wars is to be the Alliance with complete control over all territories for a duration of three days. The territories are defaultly placed over the small grouping of structures within rust, but can have more added in. The more territories your alliance controls the more money is deposited to the alliance bank along with a smaller amount to each player within the alliance which changes with the size of the alliance. The amount given per territory depends on how much radiation there is along with the amount of mutants. (or you can change the amount by going into the plug-in)

Alliance gain the ability to use the alliance bank as well using the alliance shop which allows for the purchasing of supply drops and grenades. The alliance bank is upgradeable by first having the required amount of people and then having the funds necessary to purchase said upgrade. The more upgrades the bank has the more it can store. This is the same for personal banks for players. Defaultly anyone within the alliance can withdraw or deposit money. However each alliance can create ranks that can/can’t have access to the bank.

Players that leave alliance will have a timer for when they can join/create another alliance. Leaving too many alliances results in being given the permanent status of “… the drifter” in chat which can either (through configs) makes it so the player can never create or join any alliances. If this is disabled then the player is just given the title when in chat along with the warning that the player is known to leave alliances frequently before an invite is sent to the player to join an alliance and the inability to make any more alliances.