Magma Dash

**This gamemode is being created for ArchangelServers **

The IP to the server is:

This is a new gamemode that is a 2d-type sidescroller. It is supposed to be like DeathRun (sort of) but with a much harder base and the traps are auto-set-off. It is more of a puzzler gamemode then anything else but is very fun to play and try to get to the end of each map! (Right now, we only have one map for it.)
We’d really like you to play and beta test on Magma Dash because we need a bigger beta testing base so we can actually start something a load better.
The HUD may be a little confusing to start, at the top right there is names and avatars of those playing.
They each may be different, if avatars have blood on them it means the player is dead. If it also has a plus on it that means they have a “revive”
A revive allows you to revive ONE other player per round. To revive someone look for a player with blood on their avatar (meaning they’re dead) and drag the plus in the bottom right over someones avatar. Afterwards shoot once or else your attack gets stuck on.

Some media:

Current bugs/glitches:
The end trigger isn’t created yet (meaning if you get to the end all you get is ‘congrats’ from others)
Sometimes at the end of a round someone won’t be reset.
Standing on props with other players is glitchy.
Reviving a player will get your attack stuck on untill you shoot again.

We currently have no mappers or anyone who has made at least one map for this gamemode.
If you do, you get credited here and on on our forums.
Please post about it here if you do make a map, and sign up on our forums and post here too.
If your map is good enough to our standards we will add it to the “rotation” which we haven’t made yet.

End trigger. (easy)
Map rotation. (easy)
Game timer for middle of rounds. (easy)
“lobby-system” completion. (bit strange)

Sounds good :smiley:

I played this. It was alright. I was a little confused with side-stepping.