MAGMA MOD SERVER*NEW SERVER* [EU/DE] WORLDofRUST [Wipe 25/2/][AirDrop| Share Door| Events| Sleeper|Active Admins |Arena| Server TS| And More...]

Hello Rust gamer,
welcome to our young and new World of Rust Server. I hope you’ll have fun and enjoy it soon in WoR :smile:

Server ist startet now** der Server ist jetzt gestartet : Viel spass euch

WoR Server Name :*Official Rust3 >New 02.03/beginner friendly< |AirDrop |Fair Admins Vote for us, Thank you :smile: ****

**Server TeamSpeak : Soon 50 Slots For wath ? Having fun, Events, Groupe Voice, for people that don’t have own TeamSpeak Server, and more… but there is no obligation.

********Server Homepage : Coming Soon

********/report <user> <report message> type in the Gamechat for reporting Hacker/ Cheater/ or other Pest Software User @ Server Admin!

**More Server Info : *Soon we’ll improve it

Server name : [EU/DE]!WORLDofRUST![Air/Share/Events/Sleeper/And More]

Server IP : [25/2/14]

Server slots : 200 [soon I will put it up to 400+]

Server crafting time : Normal

AirDrop : Random

Active Admins

More Server Rules :

No Admin rights misuse !

Using Hacks, Bots, Cheats, or other pest program = Ban !

Insult is absolutely forbidden !

Show Respect to Admins or other Rust Player !

Please speak or chat in German or English !

If you see any Hacker or other pest software User pls tell us ! **

More Server Plugins : *Soon we’ll improve it

Soon I’ll put more useful Plugins… *after server start I’ll give u more Plugins

More Server Events : *Soon we’ll improve it

*Random AirDrop Party

Arena Team Deathmatch

Arena Deathmatch

Arena Last Man Standing

Search and Destroy

Seek and Hide

After Server start u can follow here the newest : Infos/News/Server updates and more !

News [26.02.14]
Server is starte and run in [Magma Mod]

Up it :rock:

27.02.14  [Info]
Bug Report : {keepitem fixed}
*Now you leave your things fall after u get killed or dead*

The server events will start next week , get ready !

Vote for us :v:

Pls Vote for us ! Thank you :smile:

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Up it :dance:

Push Push :v: