Magma Server 1.5+No Sleepers|No Durability|Active Admins|No Fall Damage|Noob Friendly

Hi All!

I wanted to let you all know about my Rust server. I am new to the server admin thing but my friends (and other admins) are very experienced.

Here are the server Features:
Sleepers OFF
Durability OFF
Crafting Instant TRUE
Min. Players for Airdrops: 2
Daytime: 30min
Nighttime: 10min
Fall Damage OFF
Backpack Locks OFF

There are several structures built next to small rad that are available for anyone who wants them, doors included. I also will be adding “Boarding Houses” near each rad town (big, small, factory and hanger). These boarding houses will have 10 apartments that you can use, all you will need it a few doors.

I also host weekly (or more often) Challenges. These Challenges are where I place a Large Storage Box that may have C4, Grenades, Supply Signals, building supplies, metal parts, armor weapons, etc. I give all players clues as to where the box is. and the game is on. Players are to treat this as a very valuable Airdrop.

Cheaters are of course not tolerated on my server. any player that can prove a player has cheated will be given rewards like C4, Building Materials, Supply Signals, etc.


Let me know what else you would like from this server.