Magma VS Oxide


So I am going to start developing some plugins for my server but I don’t know which is better.
I am familiar with both LUA and OOP so I have no problem using either Magma or Oxide for plugin development, but which do you guys find better?
I am conflicted as they both seem pretty equally matched except for the crappy documentation that Magma offers.

Thanks guys.


I prefer Magma for 3 reasons;

I find OOP much easier to use when writing plugins
The Magma team are much more involved with the community and also keep us up to date with issues/eta’s
They are Australians, i have to support my countrymen!


I like Australians.
One of my friends from there takes it on a funny way that you guys often have a bad ping.

To quote him: “I’m Australian, I’m used to have a bad ping”.
I really hope you guys get a better connection sometime.

And I’m going to read a little bit about “Magma”.
Seemsto be nice.

I say magma just because it being able to use JavaScript which makes it a hell of alot easier for me to code since I have taken 3 years of java coding.

Java and JS are 2 completely different things.

Well, in that case i guess i can say i am just now learning JavaScript. However it is still easy to pick up for me.

if Oxide used java/javascript/c# or anything similar to that syntax i would probably have used that and not made Magma, i simply can’t stand LUA, so we chose Javascript due to popularity (C#, java, C, C++) programmers and even web developers understand it easily.

I agree our documentation is crappy at the moment, bare in mind it is only 1 week old whilst Oxide has had 2 months to mature.

Thank you for your prompt response!

I have undoubtedly made my decision.
As a web developer I would feel more comfortable working in the OOP enviroment (With JavaScript).
You are welcome to contact me if I can, in anyway, help with the development of Magma in anyway.
I will contribute to the WIKI best I can.

LUA is horrid.

Magma 4tw.

I’ve used Magma on my server, reported a bug on the forums, it was fixed the next day! Really great stuff! I am very excited to see how involved they are with the community and keeping us up to date on development.

Couldn’t be happier choosing Magma. :dance:

Used both. Prefer magma and their community.

team magma

To be honest i have not tested Magma yet on my server but will give it a try as soon as possible :slight_smile:

I have been using MAGMA & RUST++ for about a week. After all the setup and plugins I have installed the only thing left I wanted to do was change the SERVER NAME that displays messages in-game. It seems this has now been locked down with the latest update 1.1.5 and the name MAGMA is now enforced along with a server log in message that cannot be removed. after hours of set up and configuring multiple plugins I’m so unhappy about this I have decided to move to OXIDE for one reason only.

The ability to set my own server name.

For a game that is still in ALPHA there already seems to be a lot of buddy/buddy going on to secure a place in the RUST Market before it goes mainstream.

Essentials is the easiest and best man :wink: good luck!