i couldnt seem to find a specific area in here to post about this but has anyone made any headway with the C4 bug with magma where its 1 c4 to blow walls and doors but f1 grenades stay the same? is there any temporary fixes to this? so that everyone cant be raided in our server by a guy with 20 c4?

Thankyou for any help and im sorry if i posted this in the wrong thread

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It’s still broken. They’ve acknowledged the bug and it will be fixed in the next version. I feel like they should hotfix this though because 1.0.3 is taking a long time and this bug is game breaking. I prefer magma but we have no choice but to use Oxide on our server because of it.

thats why i asked if anyone had a work around like as in if the people who coded the magma if they made a quick plugin to control this issue or if anyone has found a scripting error thats causing this or the part of magma that might be changed to fix this