Magnade ( Strider Buster ) Release

Strider Buster Release

So this is something I have made a little while ago using Episode 2’s particle system.
So if you took the time to read carfully, HL2: EP2 is required.

Video Media

Strider Buster Device ( Magnade )

[ul]Things required
[li]Half-Life 2 Episode 2

The reason I created this SWEP is simple. After browsing through the HL2 EP2 GCF’s I found leaked model that was never implemented as a working weapon in the game. After seeing the concept of the model, I thought it would have been nice to create what I think the weapon would have been. Now I know we all have different point of views on the weapon but this is what I thought. Have fun testing it out and having fun with it.

Download link:

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Crazy Quebecer was making a SWEP alot like this.
Except it bounced from walls and you didnt need to shoot it to make it explode.

Right-click roll function?
Hopefully it doesn’t stick to the ground when you do that :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s already an ingame ent for this.

Under “Half-Life 2”

Comes if you have HL2’s installed.

Except it does the same thing as in HL2, it gibs them.


Plus have you payed attention at all? This SWEP’s differences to the original SENT:
[ul]Magnades stick everywhere, not just striders
[li]Magnades kill everyone, not just striders
[/li][li]Magnades automatically exlode if not shot in a certain time limit[/ul]
[/li]Theres probably more, but I can’t remember them now.

•Magnades dont crash when stuck on striders unlike the original Sent

Yeah, I just noticed that.

Sound like a good alarm system.