Magnusson Powerfisting Alyx upside her head

maggie loves his new beefy arm potion

I attempted to make a butthurter-esque pose.


also wtf what happened was the wall covered in acid?

That is awesome, Maggie’s arm doesn’t look right, but everything else is perfect.

Rated arty.

Strong blur.

Yes, well, when you cause a cranial-conjugal temporal disruption as of the kind involved in this picture, it can cause a large photostatic blur.

Short version: arm swings hard. blur gets bigger.

Bad angle, way to dark. bad blur.

Blur somewhat doesn’t look and aliasing kills it. Idea and posing seems nice tho.


If you are referring to yourself then yes.
Compare your pile of shit to some of the good pics in this section and you will know what I mean.
But I actually realise you are just trolling, so I’m not gonna continua feeding you.

Wow. That was referring to you. Because you’re evidently baring your arse cheeks and taking a shit over my thread just because of some past altercations. Kindly leave.

Uhm what? I’ve never seen you post before, nor have I ever talked to you or about you before.
Meh, trolls are boring, I’m going to bed.

Its Deathbucket

He’s not trolling if he’s right. The blur needs work especially around Alyx’s neck. The posing is also terrible for someone who’s punching. The right side of his body should be further forward than his left. Everything’s just off. Funny idea, but not executed well at all.

Don’t tell Jeanne about this one.

Hahaha, oh god.
I actually thought that loser left… my god how naive I was.

You’re also in league with him. You’re a known gimp around here. Your criticsm is valid but i refuse to take criticsm given in such a fucking disgraceful way as HairyBastard’s. saying “Bad blur too dark bad picture” is essentially saying “Good risotto, Shit sauce, Shit meat, Bad meal” to a chef.

I’m not sure if that is a proper analogy. but it’s essentially saying “Some of it is good but otherwise it’s utter shit and you should die”. utterly disgraceful fucking criticsm delivered by people such as Hairybastard is why i quit posing originally.

that and because every pose was a “bang bang shooty mans with a lazer gunn and brownnnn and grit nad sand yay” picture when i quit posing.

Just shut up already and take the fucking criticism.

Did someone stop taking their pills? :slight_smile:

Every time he occasionally posts, he calls me a gimp. As if I’m British and know what the fuck that means.

That’s why I came in here :saddowns:

Hey woman abuse is not nice. :frowning: