Mah First Items !

Sorry, all removed because I “ripped of pictures”. Seriously…

You should be ashamed of yourself for both the poor quality, and the fact that you literally just ripped off real world images (probably from Google images) and portrayed them as your own. Maybe you should try creating your own images instead of ripping off generic ones?

Those are amazing, never seen anything like it. 24/98 /s

In his defense it does appear the photo of the blackberries may be considered “public domain”:

There’s no excuse for the Oceanspray ripoff though.

Agreed. Taking pictures off of google images is one thing but ripping of other companies is another.

Well these textures are temmporary : these are just for good impression, then the devs will change the textures. They are looking for ideas, so.

Those are NOT textures. You just posted useless pictures. Developers need 3d models and textures, not some useless pictures, i can find tons in a hour using google.

If you will draw your OWN model and OWN texture - you may be proud. Everybody can copy-paste pictures.

Alright Ill just remove all thse f**** stupid items as everyone says and make sh** textures thanks anyway for being honnest.

That would be wise. We are not trying to stop you from putting ideas up there, we are just saying make sure they are YOUR ideas.

Man, it is really cool that you try to add some stuff into this game. Do not give it up, yes you need to put there original stuff, but do not let the less diplomatic people here disgust you about trying. Even a single good idea may influence the devs, and that still counts :wink:

Being a politically correct enabler is not exactly much better than what they were doing. With that logic, you might as well and be one of those people that gives out trophies to everyone just because they tried (which is more harmful than just telling someone the blunt truth). :confused:

I know being “politically incorrect” from behind the keyboard is the thing these days, but I personally prefer to encourage people with possible new ideas to stomping them into the ground, even if they sadly failed. It is called a constructive approach. This guy could potentionaly come back with something that haven’t come into anybody’s mind which could turn into a win situation for everyone. Or not. Every null can criticize tho.

Idealism aside, I s’pose for me, it boils down to the ‘Golden Rule’. If I see someone trying to exploit some medium for their own purposes, then I am going to call them out if I find the patience and time to go out of my way to do so. In return, I fully expect others to do the same if I ever find myself in a similar position.

You can look at this with rose-tinted glasses all you like, but I am going to look at the truth: they took images that were not theirs, violated public domain/fair use laws by attempting to remove the white background with a magic tool (which means they probably used Paint.NET or Photoshop), and then used the stolen images for some sort of self-gratification deal by posting a forum here to show off his ideas to more than just the devs.

Unfortunately you did not get the whole point. I’m not defending the work presented here, in fact I disliked it too, but the reactions were, in my opinion, quite over the top and will most likely discourage the guy from trying something anew. Again, we are talking hypothetically here, just to be clear. This is still only a gaming forum, filled with idiotic threads every day, so words about your crusade for the final justice give me an impression of a storm in a glass of water. This guy at least tried, but here I’m repeating myself again.

Good. I hope we did discourage him from stealing and modifying more images from the Interwebs. I have been a victim of art thieves myself, and I cannot stand them.

I’ll drop it. I just wanted to be part of the community and tell other people my idas, I didn’t mean to “steal” tjose pics. However if you think about it going in a supermarket and taking pictures of bottles and berries isn’t illegal. So great, you discouraged me. Beo, thanks for trying to help me but some dicks (I wont tell their name) Want me to stop being part of a community so I’ll leave. Bye.

Most supermarkets have policies against taking photos in the store soooo… Maybe not illegal, per se.

It’s that you didn’t put any effort into it. You grabbed crappy pictures of a brand-name juice (which IS illegal to put into a commercial game) and made crappy sprites with it. You obviously didn’t want to put any effort in, you just wanted everyone to say that you had a good idea.

Obviously it didn’t go down that way and now you’re complaining that everyone wants you to leave. I don’t think anyone necessarily cares if you leave the forums or not… I think people just want you to put some more effort in if you’re going to post suggestions.

Especially if you’re going to post suggestions in the wrong subforum and for items that have been suggested/made many many times before.

Seriously though… you made big chunks of the juice bottles transparent. You literally deleted parts of the bottle because you didn’t want to take the time to do it right.
Try harder next time and you’ll likely get a better response. It’s not that hard.