Mah Helis

Not the most advanced, twin turbined, fin-powered helis in the hangar, but they were my first vehicles (if you don’t count my stationary turret) so have a look. Any suggestions appreciated, and flaming is ok.

First Helicopter: uses thrusters for lift for both lift and propulsion. in total I would estimate 10.
It was using too many thrusters, so I resorted to a second, more slender design:

Second Helicopter: Used one Hoverball for lift, and 3 thrusters for propulsion, and this time had a reverse function. I also sold dupes to people in a DarkRP server and now it has spread around some.

are you new to garrysmod??

You need practice, and less addons for that matter

Yes, technically I am.

No need to state the obvious. and the only add-on I really have is wiremod. What gives you the notion that I had too many addons?

All right. I understand that you are new to garry’s mod, and I bid you welcome. However, I have several peaces of advice.

  1. this is general discussion. There is a forum dedicated to contraptions over here: ( Its ok, I didn’t notice it at first either.

  2. This community expects more advanced content. I do not advise posting any of the things you build early on. Once you become a bit more confident, start posting in contraptions for critique. You are going to get harsh replies at first, because relative to everything else there, your contraptions are likely to be significantly sub-par. I know this was the case when I first posted there about two years ago. It is harsh at first, but from the responses you get, you learn to build very well and very efficiently. My building abilities quadrupled within a year of starting to post there.

  3. Hoverballs are never well received. Always use thrusters, thrusters and math, some sort of applied force via wire expression 2, or the current “holy grail” of helicopter mechanics: legitimate cyclic and collective control. I admit I still have not been able to nail that down, so I usually apply a force and offset its position with math based on angle and target angle.

  4. In the math area, one of the key things to learn is Delta. (The change in). It seems logical that if you fire a thruster with the force the difference between where you are and where your going, you will go there. To some extent, you will. However you are going to overshoot it and start madly orbiting it. This can be circumvented using Delta, which will stabilize you, like so:

Difference= Target Z position - Current Z position

Output thrust= Difference+ Delta Difference * a multiplier, 5 usually works well.

That can be achieved either using gates or Expression 2, the choice is yours. Though I put it in a code box, what I wrote is an example of what to do in plain English and not a valid expression 2 code, however Expression 2 is deceptively simple, once you get the hang of it. Not only is it very useful, but its a great first scripting language. If you do decide to learn it, my advice is not to beg to see other’s code and use other’s code as little as possible. It honestly does not help the learning process. It can help familiarize you with the syntax if you have someone actively explaining it to you as you look at it, but once you get beyond that, the best, fastest, most thorough way to learn is experimentation and referring to the wiki which can be found over here: (

I know for some people the idea of general mathematics and mathematical theory being so prevalent is intimidating, but trust me, you learn to love it. Ever since getting heavily into wire and lua, I get excited every time my teacher announces the beginning of a new topic in Geometry, (or any other branch of math) because it means something new I’ll be able to do with expression 2, or an easier, more efficient way to do something I was already doing.

Best of luck, and I hope you will grow to love gmod as much as I do.

gee. Thanks! the equation makes total sense now that I think back to algebra.
I hope to use it once I learn the art of e2.

I’m willing to help if you want, just message me. I own a server so I can just toss you the IP. However, ill warn you, though my method of teaching has proven effective, I am not the most patient person in the world. Thus I have considered actually writing a detailed beginner’s guide, but I have yet to get around to it.