Mah-jong! Tools for making it playable in Garry's Mod.

Please skip this part and proceed to “The thing is.” if you don’t care about how it all began.

And please don’t comment if you this this is stupid and no one is interested in board games.

Me and some friends of mine watched Akagi, an anime series about the board game mah-jong. We found it quite good despite the fact that it was all about a damn board game.
Of course, after watching it, we wanted to try it out. My friend, being the most excited of us all, bought some mah-jong tiles and made his own playing board.
So we started playing quite frequently and found it was really fun.

But just recently the guy with the tiles and the energy to actually get everyone together and play, moved.
So now we can’t play any more.
We tried some already existing mah-jong games but they all sucked, and none of them were 3D.
Then he came up with the (at least we thought so then) awesome idea to make mah-jong tiles for Garry’s Mod.
That would solve most of our problems. And having a project to work on is always nice.

And so he started to vectorize images of different mah-jong tiles. Three days I made a tile model and started to make materials based on his vector art.
Now we have these (at least I think so) awesome-looking mah-jong tiles (with normal maps and phong shading and everything) that are very much usable.

Here are some screens.

I know that’s maybe a little too much work on something that no one even cares about, but whatever.

The thing is.

Playing mah-jong in Garry’s Mod is like trying to play poker with one hand.
It’s too slow, and it’s very clumsy.
So what I’m looking for is someone with at least a little interest in mah-jong who could help us build tools that would make mah-jong playable in Garry’s Mod.
Tools that help you manage your hand, move tiles effectively (the tiles are huge) and maybe even a way to shuffle all the 136 tiles used in Japanese-style mah-jong. (already solved by using a custom map, but still)

Those tools would help us do stuff like:

Grabbing tiles from the “wall” (the square structure made of tiles you always see in mah-jong) and placing them directly in your “hand” - The hand will probably consist of some sort of wooden board that the tiles are fixed to, for easy handling.

Rearrange tiles in your hand - Klick on a tile, then click on another tile. They switch places.

And… I can’t think of anything else right now, but those two are really important.

And finally.

Note that this is a very active project, and it is prefered that whoever may want to help us is working quite closely with us, since there are a lot of details involved.
But anyone interested in mah-jong can of course come up with helpful suggestions.

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

well the first step is to turn them into simple entries and then make a start game tool, then a swep that can pick them up will work, since you can refer to the entries that is some relativly simple code

Thanks for replying at all.

That’s what we were planing on doing all along.
The thing is, I can think like a programmer, but I’m too lazy to learn coding myself.

You didn’t really answer my PM either. :frowning:

I take that as you don’t want my help.

where can i get those models

the second thing could easily be sorted with a map that moves all tiles in your hand left when there is a gap so when the ‘hand’ is full nothing happens but when u move a card from a side, the others move to fill the gap allowing you to move the card to a different position.

is that sounding too complex?