mahalis HPD 1.0 Add Marker

I think everyone who knows about portal gun know about HPD ( Witch was broken by a gmod update and now cant show portals. Is there a way to show a colored oval(no see to next portal) just to make it look a little better and more visible, and the gun model itself looks strange and different was it made for people who don’t have portal?

Portal texture
Portal Gun Original Model
Any more would be great.

Remove Error Code on side (addon i downloaded didn’t work…)

uhhhh what?

I think he wants to know if anyone can make him a texture that looks like a portal.

Im working on this, but have a black border outside the portal,pm me if you want to test the my PortalGun.

Yes just like this one,( id be happy with that, cause right now all i get is the little shimmery swirl effect on that edge of the portal, which is hard to see from a distance. how do you post the picture on the forums instead of link?

I have maked this and more,see my topic on second page
Texture error trying to convert Portal texture That look Good, O and i forgot to mention i need something that removes error code on the side. I found something but it didn’t work.

Pass me the link for the addon plz.

A lot of stuff dosnt work for me so give it a try (Hide errors addon)

If this works i will be happy.