Mahou Shojo Madoka MAGICA [GMOD-Port Models] THREAD :3

Along from going K-on thread (by Fighter111) until own had few threads like anyone can Dream C Club & alvin & The Chipmunks on GMOD Request? here comes the entry of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica model thread even want a porting from MMD Models have three Magical Girls and their include tiny-pet KyuBee (Q.B.) so what are be waiting for those Moe-Fanatic should asking for first look about Mami-chan MMD scene on CS:Source epic in seeming does fun…ill will catch it next to my someone update CHILL UP YOURSELF DO ANYBODY ELSE!

"MAMI-Chan (MMD) Goes to GMOD’S Counter Strike MADOKA!:downs:
(Not NicoNicoDouga)

-_- Im not even starting with mami

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lol and plus my thread is gonna have A banner but il release on here

i already did kyouko

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but if you’d like you can link me to the other models like mami,sayaka,madoka, another kyouko

but wait, add up with Homura (seem her looks like Mio & Scanty are similar quite-girl character) you don’t along those magical girls around,Azunyan?

“it MPMM is phrases up different girls comparison which those Colorful like MLP ponies…”
MADOKA = Pinkie Pie
HOMURA = Rarity
MAMI = AppleJack
SAYAKA = Rainbow Dash
KYOUKO = FlutterShy

is it correctly done,you think it that?

Oh my god lol kinda true

here azunyan,especially although this thread here kinda goes for using these MMD Models port to 3DsMAX program before going mdl nobody

Madoka [by Magictape-- ]
Homura [by Magictape-- ]
Mami [pass:mamimami]
(sorry i didn’t find updates yet about looking for Kyouko & Sayaka did not available normal MMD because still WIP,don’t ya anything?)

so remind it must deserved if you i asked for Maestro fenix (or Voltlight can else) would export to 3DSMax follow chill up GMOD decompiler when should rule to regarding do example which like not everyone things have direction about MMD porting thread–

(PLS,FACEPUNCH DONT MAKE ME BANNED AGAIN!! This is a important,Should remind from Yukiho-sama Under DJLordSuzaku Realm) [official site]

I’m not a modeler, but i will help you guys with this project.
This is as far as i can do
Homura MMD model (With School Uniform and Magical Girl Costume)

Madoka MMD model (With School Uniform and Magical Girl Costume)

Sayaka MMD model (With School Uniform and Magical Girls Costume, also her Cutlass is included)

Kyoko MMD model (Spear included)


finally,i saw that Magi & some others from Puella Magi are used ported to gmod by 1337gamer15.
(but i remind even his stuffed from aren’t released yet on misc MMD-port model pack something?)

she face her being looks like Derpy’s Pose… LOL :quagmire:
…then in another this one,Cirno will push hammer trough “BONK” Her knocked off! @_@

and other seeming a Bugs are messing be scratch them off to her!

(Courtesy Karaszkun Himself)

i’ll be realease those when the other models for the pack are done, if people keep requesting it will take longer, but you can pm me your email if you want her for now. i’ll get back to work on it monday and hopefully it’ll be out by next week. oh and “there is a pioneer fairy who hit us on the head”

i really so sure,thanks for requesting and hopefully so thought finished that waiting for Madoka & others port models. :slight_smile:

well alrighty then, but because i still have those strike witches to do after, it might be a while so i’ll let you know when these girls are done so i can send them to you, then they will be public after the strike witches and a few other models are done

really? i knew things so fact let see you first about still have those Strike Witches then after that for whiled with these PMMM girls (well include QB & Charllote) almost done on porting GMOD then please up whats next few others like we want all girls from IDOLM@STER (765 Project) possibly which include all customs warebore to be rigging GMOD & L4D2 mods anyway thought this source from Mikudance link to be agree and ill regarded to you,so findout btw first it all Strike Witches & then PMMM for GMOD/L4D2 mods keep your making port did public wait for released so send them to remind me so better good luck.^^

The God in Realm of GMOD & MMD Crossover by Himself…

got mami done, again if you want her early let me know, or you can wait until the misc pack is realeased to

Nice Work and good job 1337gaqmer15, whats next about rig for Homura,Kyoko,Sayaka then…QB & Charlotte on modelling anything to put preview screenshots before until right?
ENGINEER: Whooheey,I Love Mami-chan to be Mai Waifu!:rock:

i think i’ll do homura next, oh and please be careful cause i can’t stand people with waifus. but yeah if i’m fast enought they will all be done by the end of the week. but then there’s still those strike witches and the human wheatly for me to do

lets see do have request from MMD pics something to do…:eng101:
but first…

STRIKE WITCHES For GMOD & Left4Dead series or TF2 MODS released by end of this week.
then second…

(Features: * i’ve think is mami’s gibs on headless & head-off from body,then…QB,Charlotte & any lot their weapons on accesories*)
good job,but after strike witches are same mods above the modelling so even not yet complete should released them.

and still to come of course, we want my IDOLM@STER (all 765 Project girls only) to be port on modelling?

(All IM@S Casual Model pack - used port to GMOD & L4D2 mod)

(All IM@S "Idol @ School outfit - used port to GMOD only )

(All IM@S "Stripped bikini Underwear outfit - used port to GMOD only but used also reskinned texture & naked too! )

( All IM@S “Marching Band” Outfit used port to GMOD only )
(She those means IDOL-FORTRESS,LEFT4IDOLS & IDOL-MODS being interested so fun there im was dreaming over from MMD models)
findout soon i have request to be own “Project IDOLM@STER” on facepunch thread

also meanwhile i saw that Panty & Stocking model in your making modelling on L4D Mods to be gets harder released to garrys mod version anyway…? (of course they have Misc MMD Models part 1 already stuff include yoko gets faceposer!) thanks!

however since voltlight was still long absent to disappoint me if quite what’s happened K-On! [V0.4] modelling on GMOD (including Azusa & Mugi are not complete group 2 out of 5 in Teacup time) and but Yui,Mio & Ritsu he did couldn’t port on GMOD did problem anymore so worried me…i need help and let’s going you see to article my threat here okay?

i did port panty and stocking to gmod. also i don’t really do l4d2 anymore… cause of request spams i retired from that site. but you know thing is i like these models in gmod better becaause in gmod you can do anything. while in l4d2 they’re just a reskin

ya know…i ever since you are already been retire the from L4D2 site works …, but now because of you have right turned to MMD port garrys Mod here in facepunch so im fact to because method like this all memes favorite do discuss need something your made be porting stuff like Misc MMD Anime Packs,IDOLM@STER,Dream Club,all Touhous (already finished),Some VOCALOID/UTAU [exapmle Project DIVA],Hetalia,and part in others just remind me someone be although this request sure be wait me up the Misc pack Pt2 on your chill upload by end of this week on (i like Puella magi Madoka so really awesome!)
~i Notice from Team Jayjay80~
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These are some really badly done models, the anatomy is terrible,if your ganna put any anime models in gmod at least do the professionally done models from games and not the MMD ones. and besides that its hard to tell what the OP is even saying.

To my knowledge there is a Madoka PSP game. I dont remember if its released yet or not.

No offense to whomever did the P&S Models but they are Horrible. Stocking especially, her hair has no posing The frills are over-detailed compared to the rest of the model, and there are far too many stripes on her stockings, also her shoes are brown when they should be black.

That MMD pack is pretty poor though, the only real redeeming quality of it is the wonderful Yoko.