Mahou Shojo Madoka MAGICA [GMOD-Port Models] THREAD :3

well listen here i didn’t make any of these models i just ported em from mmd. whoever made those originally, those are actually modified versions of the default miku model. personally the panty and stocking aren’t really my favourite either. (that would go to being attacked by a horde of the suiseiseki dolls) but anyways. i’m gonna work on porting homura today

[UPDATE] Mami gets ride the Big Chicken onto valkarie!? LOL:v: courtesy from Prawnboy101

she loves playing chicken,he have no idea what drug It was on when I came up with this either…

then for Homura…

(Normal Student)

(Magical Girl)
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@1337gamer15— you can hook-up gonna do work homura right now to porting gmod things and then anyway btw kyoko,sakuya,kyubey, charlotte and Walpurgis Night so followed up rigging can either to must be they completing have PMMM stuff will seperate from Misc pack pt2.

Yeah I know that you just ported them. It just sucks that whoever did it didn’t really put much care/love into the process.

I can tell just by looking at them, they’re just edited versions of the default miku test model the mmd model program comes with. that one’s been modded into alternate outfits and other characters probably more times that there are remixes of ghost from true capitalist radio (from the time of this post there are 377 remixes) i can obviously tell because they all have the same facials. i actually plan on porting all those models mmd comes with to gmod for the vocaloid pack, as well as possibly 2 or 3 alternate costumes. on the other hand i finished homura, still need to debug improper names for facials. and i’ll be doing kyoko then sayaka, and i think that’ll be just about it. but i still have more models to do for the misc pack. (i think that i might start making a rule where one user can only request one model for the misc pack, or maybe just tell em too many)

Port models like these instead the badly done MMD models.

provide a download link please

go look in my release threads, they are all there :smiley:

you made it 1337gamer15, very awesome for the latest madoka pics here…

but…where is Sayaka,Charlotte,Walpurgis Night & QB seem yet to complete!? pls release something do ya??? :rolleyes:

well like i said, they’ll be featured in a mmd misc pack, after these i still have to do those strike witches. so since that might be a week or 2 away, if you want them to be sent to you i can do that. also i think i’ll put up a quick mediafire link once all thse characters are done. then after the strike witches they go to

okay,pls be sent first put upload have your making puella magi madoka port gmod on mediafire link for me there before anywhere after that strike witches on MMD Misc pack pt2?


dont mind him, most of anything he posts makes no sense, or is a badly done pose of some anime characters with the TF2 sniper, or possibly a bump to a 8 month old thread.

guess i kinda agree, hate to be the grammar nazi but it kinda seems like he’s talking quickly, might want to put commas or reorder words there.

“pls be sent first put upload have your making puella magi madoka port gmod on mediafire link”
this doesn’t just need a redorder of words it needs to be redone from the ground up, I dont even think google translater can do that bad, its like hes getting random words and sticking them in a sentence.

June 5,is celebrate MAMI TOMOE’s Sweet MAGICA Birthd@y plesant here!

so everyone,im just waiting here for 1337gamer15 put release the Madoka Packs on
it she’s adorable and Nice enchanted! :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong, I like Mami too, but you might do well to tone down the fanboy(fangirl?)-isms on facepunch. Many users tend to get annoyed by it, and it ends up being a bit disruptive to threads.

Where do I actually get the Madoka Magica models, this thread is just full of brain damage and broken English So if anyone has a link please post it here!

goob job 1337gamer15,sayaka is finally here the prop modelling!

what’s next did findway with QB (Kyubey),Charllote & Walpurgis Night (unlikely spell the summoner) such be kinda your stuff right?

I am really surprised Yuhiko Hasn’t been banned yet, All he does is spam And butcher English.

@rinflect – this is not spam would never the banned me,because i think is few english so you dont understand me this request thread and anything does i said stop it you’re f***** misquote did gonna be kidding me!? :tinfoil: