Mai Shiranui

Hello everybody
Can somebody tell me if there is a Mai Shiranui from King of fighters proper rigging or playermodel around?
Or in chase there isn’t can somebody make one? I’d really appreciate it.

I requested this many months ago.

I mean I do have a model.

All I need is for someone to get it into gmod.

I found other models.

the first is a mod for oblivion, the sec is a char for a hentai game called Artificial girl 3.
The other is directly ripped from the game

Hope this are usefull to somebody for getting those into gmod.

Those won’t be necessary.

That’s great!
I wish i know how to rigg that for Gmod. :suicide:

I’m trying to rigg her.
It’s my first time so don’t expect anything good. :-p

I have some problem with the bones.
I linked all and added to the skin of the model, but when i moove some the body of the model don’t follow the bone.
Somebody can help me with that?

At least your that far. I have no clue how 3D programs work.