main cupboard

IMO they should change it, there shouldn’t be something like MAIN cupboard. if u want to build u should have acces to all cupboards in specific range.

BTW: when u place cupboard u should be added to it by deafult. I did plenty of times like this: having main cupboard, I add another one and hide it behind the wall. Then destroy main cupboard and… omg i forgot to add myself to the cupboard behind the wall.

…learn from your mistakes…

Requested that a while ago, now I made a plugin on my server for that.

I will not tell you my exact tactic but you really need to improve your cupboard placement.

The cupboard order of authority exists to determine who has build rights when two cupboard zones overlap. If you had to have access to all cupboards and you had yours in the middle of your base, I could place cupboards on the ground outside and block your building rights for 90% of your house.

There’s a reason for the complexity, and it adds a tactical element to base defense and raiding. I don’t think that should all go away because some folks are forgetful when reorganizing their base.

I think I’ve read that cupboards are a temporary thing anyway.
Later on they will be replaced, according to devblogs, and the model reused for something else.
Honestly, it seems to be a pretty okay system for what it is.

OK. U are right. U changed my thinking about this.

I respect this ^

What if in order to overlap another cupboard’s range, you needed to have access to that cupboard? Kinda like quarries that won’t allow their bubbles to overlap right now.