Main Menu Background

I have recently began making a mod, i don’t know if i will release it, but i was wondering how to make a custom background, i want to have the main character sleeping


Make the map, name it background01 (default map that is used for background maps) put it in the mod’s folder, but you would have to edit the mod’s data with C++ if you want to change the default map name for chapter 1’s background, 2 , 3 , 4…etc.

No, i just want the one background, For all the chapters, Thanks

By any chance do you know how to make it so that it is a random background each time, Or do i just name them background01/02/03 and so on?

Adding chapters to your mod

Menu Background Map

If only one background is necessary, use one entry.

If multiple backgrounds are to be used at random, unlock the number of chapters equal to the number of background entries.

I’ve got a related question.
How would I add a background map to GMod?

Menu Background Map: Replacing Half-Life 2 background maps

Same idea I’d assume.

Does GMod even have chapters?

Just one.

So I’d assume it’s unlocked by default then?

to give gmawd a 3D background, it’s gonna be done manully, and cant be repeated (ie load on game) but still

in console map_background cs_office (use any map)
I’ll put up a crappy background map I made tomorrow

I’d like to add that any map with a point_devshot (I think, anyways, it’s the spectator cam entity in source games) can be used as a background map without any editing, for better fps I’d remove the excess geometry around the specific area you wanted for a background, and move any player start entities that are in-camera.

You could probably find the original backgrounds for HL2, then replace each one with your own map, just renaming it each time… but that would be memory consuming.