Main Menu Error

When i start garrys mod i get my recently downloaded background but the text isnt there but when i rollover one i can hear the sound like its there. and its just a black screen, what happened?

If anything would i be able to download garrys mod agin from steam for free.

What color is your background?

the default gmod background now the one where it at a low angle on construct

Delete or rename your garrysmod folder, start up garrysmod. That should make a fresh new background. This is in the wrong section by the way.

It would be good if you linked your steam profile too
Best be sure and all that

-snip double post- Blimey everything’s laggy now

Why double post?

If you haven’t noticed, facepunch is incredibly slow right now, so many people are accidentally double posting because it’s taking so long for the posts to appear