Main Menu Gone?

Recently, whenever I start Gmod, the main menu text isn’t there, the buttons are there, but not visible, any ideas as to why, and how I might fix it?

2.2ghz dual core pentium processor
3gb ram
Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit
Nvidia GeForce 8400 gs 512mb

Dunno if this is relevant, but just my addons folder is nearly 11gb

Dont you mean There, not Their?

Also, I would suggest taking all your addons to somewhere like your desktop, and try running Gmod again.

Moved em, now the background is white, so i can’t tell if they’re visible.

I’m confused as to why every new member posting here has an 8400 variant.

lol, my bro bought it a while back, it must be good for the price.


Sorry for the long silence, but I had other stuff to deal with first.

Parental controls block all photo sites -.-


I had a 8400GS for a LOOOONG time, nothing happened like this… Make sure your GPU ain’t overheating…

I would try deleting your garrysmod folder. (I’m not joking, it’s an actual method of fixing major problems.)

Garrysmod/garrysmod (delete this one)

Restart the game, a new folder should be in it’s place.

Just tried it, after i moved the folder, it wouldnt start.

Try to reinstall gmod?

Try right clicking on Garry’s Mod
Local files tab
Verify integrity of game cache

I should mention that I pirated gmod, I have also tried the steam version, it seemed to actually be less stable than the one I use now.
The menu is there in-game, just not there at startup. I’ve memorized where each button is so I don’t need to see them. Its actually pretty easy xD

I don’t think anyone is going to help you there. I somehow doubt that the steam version was more unstable, and if you are using a pirated version, it’s most likely going to be outdated and buggy.

Yep, I call warez