Main Menu Loading = Frozen?

Okay. So here’s my problem: Yesterday I installed a huge add-on pack (The Gold-source to Source Port Pack) And when I went to start-up Garry’s Mod, the Main Menu’s Loading Screen (The background with “Loading” in the bottom right) I noticed that it stopped responding immediately and I figured, “Ok. I just installed a HUGE add-on, I’ll let it do its thing.” Well I did. From 7:00 last night until around 12:00 today. It still wasn’t responding. So I figured, “Eh, okay. This finally gives me the opportunity to clean out all my unnecessary add-ons.” So i decided to delete my local content and re-install GMod with nothing but the bare minimum of what it first-time installs with, then I’d just re-install only my 100% necessary add-ons. Except, I decided to test if it would work before I did this. And when I started it up, it still froze at the loading screen. So now I’m stuck. I don’t know what else to do, and I can’t play GMod. Any help?

GMod is broken, there are tons of threads about this, why didnt you just read them? -_-

I’m sorry. I was unaware.

sorry :S What i said was also just a tad harsh :stuck_out_tongue: not playing gmod for 7 hours has made me grumpy :3

:hugs: xD